Commodities and stock on same exchange soon.

The securities and exchange board of India (S.E.B.I) has made it clear that commodities (Bullion, etc) and stock will be traded on the same exchange (B.S.E, N.S.E) Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchange from 2018. Commodities and stock may now have a single bank account as well as a single dematerialise account for both kinds of trade. This move will help the (S.E.B.I) for fraud detection purpose. This relief may also serve as a medium for cost effectiveness of both the things (commodities and stock) on the exchange as their prices fluctuate within minutes. This will help grow the trade between Indian market players and the global market players. This provision by (S.E B.I) will limit certain legal barriers and will ammend relevant sections of law. Also it will save the valuable forex of the country.


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