Fund managers slashing allocations to equity from EM to U.S financial market – BAML survey.

Fund managers across the globe are disinvesting funds from the equity portfolio of the emerging markets like India, China etc. and are investing them back into the equity portfolio of the American financial markets as per Bank Of America Meryll Lynch survey. This may be happening because for example a couple of days ago IMF did not recognise India’s growth rate. This might have happened with the other developing economies as well. So due to this trust of the investors might have got rudely shaken and so they would have decided to pump their money into the developed economy ex. U.S. Why ? particularly U.S only. Because the U.S Fed is planning to hike its lending rates, so the investors would get high RoI (Return on Investment) as borrowing from the big wall street banks would be expensive. Therefore the American corporations will buy the funds from the global investors at relatively higher interest rate. Why not Europe ? Because of ongoing Brexit issue.


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