India may lose trade dispute with the U.S at the WTO – Theaotia.

India is undergoing a trial at the WTO against the U.S over subsidy issue. The U.S raised concerns about the subsidised Indian products that were getting sold globally. On this stand of the U.S, India moved WTO wherein a motion was passed raising concerns about the American subsidised agro products. So Commerce Secretary Of India Mrs. Rita Theaotia claims that India might lose its ongoing trade battle with the U.S. Even I am too of the opinion that it may so happen. Because subsidy is provided for the development of weaker economic sectors. Now today in 2018, India’s economy is growing at approx. 7%. There have been significant amount of gains from the structural reforms like changes in the fiscal policy ex. GST. Exports have risen. Indian Rupee is considerably strong against the U.S Dollar. Now Asian Development Bank (ABD) too believes about India’s growth. Thus India might lose the ongoing trade war.


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