What does a bank guarantee mean.

An undertaking given by the bank on behalf of one party to pay for the goods and/or services to the other party in the contract of sale in the event of failure to pay for by one party is known as bank guarantee.

Example :

1. Letter of Credit.


How to build a portfolio for regular income after retirement.

According to me everyone’s portfolio should be diverse from the very beginning to be financially independent. Youth should prefer SIP’s and pension fund schemes. Real estate investments should be the later priority, because the estimated monthly installment on the housing loan is so high that it makes every other financial investment difficult to achieve. 

Should you be getting fixed or adjustable rate for mortgage.

In a closed economy (communism), where the property prices generally show a rising trend the mortgage rate should be high. Whereas in the open economy (capitalism) where the property prices generally show a variable trend (rise as well as fall) because of the frequent trade cycles, mortgage rate should be adjustable. To maintain the economic stability of the respective types of countries.